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January 05 2018

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Understanding Lewy Body Dementia

To shed light on Lewy Body Dementia, the resource center offers information on everything from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and clinical trials. Lewy Body Dementia is sometimes confused with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or other psychiatric disorders. This is due to the variety of physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms that mimic other diseases. Take the steps needed to get gain the services and support for the patient with LBD as well as their loved ones.


Because everyone is different, the severity of the symptoms will vary from one person to the next. Some may not have all the symptoms. There are things to look for that make LBD stand out from other forms of dementia. One of the early signs of Lewy Body Dementia is visual hallucinations. Other symptoms include changes in cognitive ability, attention, and alertness. Also, slower movement making it difficult to walk is common.

Sometimes, the medication used to treat hallucinations can cause sensitivity. Many caregivers have even noticed their loved one physically acting out dreams by yelling, flailing, punching a sleep partner, and even falling out of bed. There are also problems with complex mental activities like problem solving or doing multiple things at once. This can be very frustrating.


All physicians are not familiar with LBD so, many times, patients have gone to see multiple doctors before getting an actual diagnosis. The first step for most it to see a family doctor, but a neurologist typically has the expertise needed to diagnose LBD. They specialize in disorders of the brain and nervous system. Medical testing, brain images, neuropsychological tests, as well as a complete medical history and exam, are things to expect.


When a physician has first diagnosed a person with LBD, the patient will generally start the new medication at the lowest possible dose and then gradually, depending on the medicine, increase the dose. It is best to go low and slow. There are also clinical trials that patients can enroll in.

For Lewy Body Dementia help, visit https://lewybodyresourcecenter.org. This is a resource to get additional information about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, as well as activities and therapeutics. This information is beneficial for patients as well as caregivers. The mission of the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center is to raise awareness to not only health care professionals but also the general public. They are also here to offer loving support and services to patients as well as their caregivers. They also promote critical scientific advances and research.

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